It's Just 2 Movies

The Lobster - Lobster Man from Mars

January 29, 2024 Danny / Birdman Episode 147
It's Just 2 Movies
The Lobster - Lobster Man from Mars
Show Notes

What is the weird cinematic obsession with crustaceans?  Seriously, we just love a wet bubbly critter with an exoskeleton.   So as Ben Grim aka The Thing from The Fantastic 4 would say all the time, "It's lobsterin' time!"  First let's take a look at an A24 black comedy about romancing and making concessions in the dystopian future.  Then a bloodless Lobster Man gets into some silly antics.  So tighten up your big, and don't forget the garlic butter, it's time for another well seasoned episode of It's Just 2 Movies!

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