It's Just 2 Movies

Deadstream - House II: The Second Story

October 16, 2023 Danny / Alicia Episode 134
It's Just 2 Movies
Deadstream - House II: The Second Story
Show Notes

For more, subscribe to our Patreon!  Haunted houses!  What's up with them creaky ol' bitches anyway?  Floorboards suck, dusty af, some ghosty boi always whaling in the back.  Bullshit.   Since we're on the topic though, let's check out some film representation of that classic trope.  First, Deadstream!  A super fun ultra-low budget film that just knocks it out of the park.  Versus another movie that literally has HOUSE in the title that has nothing to do with a fucking haunted house.  So dust off those safety goggles and pretend I'm Bob Vila because it's time for another episode of This Old Podcast...called It's Just 2 Movies!

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